About Us

The door to the Bellevue Business Center, LLC opened on December 3, 2011 to free the North Boroughs and surrounding area residents from their exhausting rituals of moving from store to store to accomplish their business needs. To travel from the local deli (night time notary and occasional fax) to the convenience store (fax) to the grocery or hardware store (copy) and finally to the Post Office (mail) – confusion and exhaustion reigned supreme. Newcomers to the area were at a loss as to how to uncover and conquer the underground circuit of trying to conduct their business lives.

I was a relatively new resident of Bellevue, and personally experienced the exhaustive circuit. Then I was struck by a light bulb moment: why not open a store that gathers all of these services under one roof? It would be a bold move. Thus the Bellevue Business Center was born offering full time Notary services, print, copy, fax, scan, computer rental time, document shredding, flyer design, business card design and printing, resume preparation, laminating, and shipping via FedEx, UPS and USPS – all in all everything the small business or your personal life’s business needs to succeed.

As President and sole employee, I bring over 35 years of executive adminstrative, upper managerial, and customer service experience. I have held positions in the non-profit, medical, legal and academic arenas, specificially functionng as an Administrator of a National Historic Landmark, International Student Advisor, Paralegal, Executive Assistant. I also have a background in the Public Relations and Public Education fields. All of these and other positions have provided me with in depth knowledge of the correct Notarial processes, business practices, marketing, exceptional customer service skills, time management, and creative problem solving.

I strive to offer customers all of these services plus more to accommodate the customers’ needs. My motto: “Never say no. Always say, how can we work together to provide the best solution to this issue to guarantee your satisfaction.”

The Center is equipped to provide access to customers with mobility issues.

My modest and welcoming business is located at 512 Lincoln Avenue in the heart of Bellevue, Pennsylvania. My hours of operation are listed below.  The BBC is closed on Sundays during the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins seasons, which is to say year round.

Follow the Center on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, or fax 412-766-1726. To speak to a live human being, please call 412-766-1725. I will be glad to communicate with you through whichever medium makes you the most comfortable.

Monday, – Friday – 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Appointments are available for before or after weekday work hours.

Saturdays by appointment.

Sundays – Closed

The Center is certified as MBE/WBE and DBE.