Allen  L.:

This a great place to seek business help with a smile. Carolyn will help you to find a way to solve your business needs.  She even has Wifi and laptops for you to use.  If you are nearby, stop in to meet this great new business owner.

Barbara M.:

Bellevue Business Center looks like a wonderful place and has a superb President.

Thomas “Butch” Vincent:

I really like how they work out of the box.  Their approach is very flexible when rendering the best service, and fulfilling the customers needs.  No stone is left unturned here.  If you require a service that they have never performed before, they will figure out a way to provide it for you.  If you need a product that they do not stock, they will find a way to obtain it for you.

JL:   Business Owner,  Bellevue:

The Bellevue Business Center, informally called the BBC,  has rapidly become a common place prescription for a well needed retail source of office needs.

To editorialize,  they are a paradigm of what a proactive business center should be….friendly, professional and solicitous.   Nothing beats courtesy and convenience.

Personally, the BBC has eliminated the need for an office staff.   Fax, messages, correspondence, memos, etc. – all are available.   No job is too small. 

Oscar A. Worthy, President, Oscar’s Ltd.:

Professionalism comes to Bellevue as a Business Center. Time is our most valuable asset. The Bellelvue Business Center which is owned and operated by Carolyn Laquatra has been a huge factor in extending the time that I have to do more business.

Prior to the BBC’s arrival, I was forced to go throughout the Western PA area to secure many of my communications needs. Carolyn reviewed all of the many services that she could provide to my business and I was amazed that this one stop shop is now in the Bellevue area business district.

I’ve been able to secure my business cards, invoices, purchase orders, announcements, copies, shipping, Notary and graphic design services with a single visit or phone call to the BBC. Carolyn has created a pleasant professional environment to do business in a comfortable and modern setting. I have mentioned to many of the business owners in Bellevue the advantage of doing business with BBC, and several have now commented to me that the service was more than satisfactory.

Carolyn completes all of the services in a timely fashion and is the consummate professional in her approach. She should have a successful future in Bellevue.

Rich C., Bellevue

“I don’t typically connect the word “Business” with my terms of encouragement, yet a few visits to BBC have changed my attitude. Carolyn is a friendly and professional businessperson, who will make anyone look forward to TCB at BBC.”